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Google Ads reports in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) for professionals, made by professionals. Measure what matters, save time and optimize campaigns, control costs, ROAS and improve reporting for clients.

Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 report summary page by Looker Studio

Google Analytics 4 + Google Ads Full Report



Full Report Google Ads Campaigns - 7 pages



Dashboard Google Ads - One page - Internal analysis daily use


What users say

All you need to know about these Looker Studio templates for your Google Ads campaigns

1. Why use Looker Studio to measure Google Ads campaigns?

Eliminate noise and focus on important metrics. Make more effective analyses and reach conclusions sooner. Checking the performance of your campaigns directly in Google Ads or Google Analytics is fine, but in Looker Studio it's much better. You can have it all together, select what is important, add explanatory texts, annotations for your future self and if you want, share the reports with clients or colleagues in a much easier way.

2. What do these templates give you? What will you be able to measure and analyze?

These dashboards are designed to make your day-to-day life easier, both in the generation of reports (for you or for clients) and in the analysis of campaigns. Saving time is the main objective. Reducing time in analysis and report creation, even in the creation of templates. And let's not forget the most important thing, analyze well, the important KPIs of your project, those that allow you to optimize campaigns to obtain the right ROAS. We have thought about how important it is to keep track of costs and ROI, as well as giving you the opportunity to measure all types of campaigns: search network, Google Shopping, Display... Focus on optimizing, we create the reports.

3. Do I need previous knowledge in Looker Studio?

If you have them, all the better, but you won't need them. Looker Studio is simple to use. And there is another good news, and that is that when you buy one of the Google Ads templates it comes with a video tutorial explaining how to connect your own data sources and adapt things like the logo or colors. Then you can further customize it to your liking. When you buy a template from Looker Studio it is for you, forever and you can do with it whatever you want. If you want to learn how to customize and improve them, you can always visit our blog.

Why pay for a Google Ads Looker Studio template?

On the internet there are a lot of websites with free templates, many of them very useful. So why should you pay for a Data Studio report? The time and effort that goes into creating our templates is not the same as that spent on most free dashboards. And this has an impact on what you get from our templates. They are focused on solving a specific problem, allowing you to make effective analysis, while having a professional and visually appealing report. Sexy. We have been working with clients and Looker Studio for years, and we know what a SEM and Google Ads professional needs. In fact we have consulted several professionals to make templates that they would buy themselves. These templates are also for you forever, and that includes possible updates and improvements we make in the future.

5. Once I buy the templates, will I be able to enjoy them forever?

Forever, and if for whatever reason you have a problem, you can always fall back on the original copy you bought.

How do these Looker Studio templates for Google Ads work?

It's easy. When you add one (or more) templates to the cart and make the payment, you will receive an email with all the information and the report so you can use it. In that email we will explain you how to use it, how to adapt it to your data, colors, logo, etc. Depending on the report we may have to explain different data connectors or some extra configuration such as filters. And if you need more help we will always be attentive in support or you can guide you with the blog articles.