Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio Templates

Save time in the creation of reports and in the analysis itself with these templates for Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) for Google Analytics 4. Spend time on what is important.

looker studio GA4 ecommerce with funnel report

Complete GA4 Ecommerce Dashboard + Funnel


looker studio report for google analytics 4

Complete Dashboard Google Analytics 4


looker studio google analytics 4 template with ecommece

Complete Dashboard Google Analytics 4 with Ecommerce


search console and google analytics 4 SEO template

All in One GSC + GA4 Report


Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 report summary page by Looker Studio

Google Analytics 4 + Google Ads Full Report



All in One GSC + GA4 (Light) customer report


Looker Studio local SEO report with Google Business profile and Google Analytics

Full local SEO report (GBP+GA4) Free Connector


What users say

Everything you need to know about these GA4 reports

1.- Why use Looker Studio for Google Analytics 4?

Looker Studio allows you to display data in a much more effective way, that (almost) anyone can understand. And if you need some text, you can include that too. Analyze and draw conclusions faster, get to the point and spend less time with Google Analytics 4. The reports for web analytics in Looker Studio help you a lot, but they take time to create, several hours. Unless you buy one of these templates, of course.

2.-What do these templates give you? What will you be able to measure and analyze?

These dashboards are designed to make your day-to-day work easier, both in the generation of reports (for you or for clients) and in the analysis of a website. Saving time is the main objective. Reducing time in analysis and in the creation of reports, even in the creation of templates. And let's not forget the most important thing, analyze well, the important KPIs of your project, know how the traffic behaves in each channel, how users move, the ability of your website to convert...

3.-Do I need previous knowledge in Looker Studio?

If you have them it is always better, and if you don't we will help you. Once you buy any of these Looker Studio templates for web analytics we will explain how to connect your data sources so that the metrics that appear are those of your own website or different projects. We will also tell you how to adapt some basic aspects such as the logo or colors. The template will be yours forever, you can do with it whatever you want and if you need to improve other aspects or continue improving it, you can always visit our blog.

4.-Why pay for a Looker Studio template?

I was waiting for you to ask me that question. There are several Looker Studio reports for web analytics on the internet, for sure, and for free. Now, the time and effort spent on these templates is almost certainly not the same as the time and effort spent on the free ones. And that time and effort is reflected in the result. Templates made by and for industry professionals. We know how important and scarce time is, and how difficult it is sometimes to synthesize what is important in a single report. These templates are designed to make your analysis really effective, so you can update them and configure them as you want, starting from a base. Also, if a template receives an update from us, you will be able to benefit from it. And of course, we will always be behind the support to help you with any problem.

5.-Once I buy the insoles, will I be able to enjoy them forever?

Forever and without fine print.

6.-How do these Looker Studio templates for Google Analytics 4 work?

It's all very easy. Add a template to the cart, pay and you get an email. In this email we explain how you can use this report, from connecting data sources to adapting it to your brand (logo and colors). Also if necessary we will explain you some more advanced aspects: filters, combined data, custom fields, etc.