SEO Looker Studio Templates

Find the best Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) templates for SEO project tracking. With data from Search Console and Google Analytics. Monitor the position of your keywords or the SEO onpage of your website. Work with professional reports, save time and make better analysis.

data studio template for keyword monitoring with search console

Dashboard monitoring, ranking and keyword analysis


template looker studio seo local google business profile

Full local SEO Dashboard (GBP) Free connector


search console and google analytics 4 SEO template

All in One GSC + GA4 Report


template looker data studio seo local seo - metricool - google business profile

Google Business Profile (Local SEO) Report - Metricool



All in One GSC + GA4 (Light) customer report


Looker Studio local SEO report with Google Business profile and Google Analytics

Full local SEO report (GBP+GA4) Free Connector


template looker studio one page google business profile

Google Business Profile One Page Report Free Connector


What users say

Everything you need to know about these SEO reports for Looker Studio

1.- Why use Looker Studio in SEO reports?

Good SEO is also about saving time on tasks and being able to spend it on other aspects of the project. Reporting and analysis can take up a lot of time, especially if we are working with clients. Forget PowerPoint, forget making tables in Excel, stop creating reports of dozens of pages that almost nobody reads. Looker Studio allows you to display data in a much more effective way, that (almost) anyone can understand. And if you need some text, you can include that too. Analyze and draw conclusions faster, get to the point and spend less time with tools like Search Console or Google Analytics. SEO reports in Looker Studio help you a lot, but you have to spend time creating them, sometimes hours. Unless you buy one of these templates, of course.

2.- What do these templates give you? What will you be able to measure and analyze?

These dashboards are designed to make your day-to-day work easier, both in the generation of reports (for you or for clients) and in the analysis of your SEO strategies. Saving time is the main objective. Reducing time in analysis and report creation, even in the creation of templates. And let's not forget the most important thing, analyze well, the important KPIs of your project, those that let you know if you are going to meet your goals and if the project is evolving positively.

3.- Do I need previous knowledge in Looker Studio/Looker Studio?

No. When you buy any of these SEO templates, I explain how to connect your own data sources, whatever they are, and how to customize the report in the most basic aspects, such as colors and logo. And if you want to customize it much more, you can! Remember that each report, once you have purchased it, is for you, and you can do with it whatever you want. And if you want to change more things, check out our blog where you have several tutorials and tips.

4.- Why pay for a Looker Studio template?

On the internet you will find dozens of free Looker Studio SEO templates, and there are many that are great. Even on our blog you will find some of them. So, who are we to tell you to pay for a template? No one. The time and effort spent on this kind of templates is not the same as on free templates (we have experienced it). We work every day with this kind of resources, with our own clients and projects, and we know what a report needs to be effective. They are designed so that you can use them and make them your own in a matter of minutes and in a simple way. In addition, if you have purchased a template and over time it receives an update, you will be able to benefit from it. And support, how important is support.

5.- Once I buy the insoles, will I be able to enjoy them forever?

Yes, forever. They are yours, you can do whatever you want with them and you will not have to pay for anything else, not even when there is an update in the template.

6.- How do these SEO Looker Studio templates work?

It is very simple. Add to the cart the template or templates you want (remember that if you buy more than one, you get a discount). When you have made the payment, you will receive all the information by email and we will explain you how to use each template, depending on the type of connector it has. You will make a copy of the template and you will have to connect your own data sources (and previously have a Looker Studio account, of course) and check that each graph works perfectly and shows your data. In case the report has more advanced aspects such as filters or combined data, we will tell you how to adapt it to what you need (and always with the help of other tutorials that you will find in the blog).