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Looker Studio templates to monitoring, analyze and keep track of what happens in your Google Business Profile listings. Create local SEO reports in minutes with a professional result and important business data.

template looker studio seo local google business profile

Full local SEO Dashboard (GBP) Free connector


template looker data studio seo local seo - metricool - google business profile

Google Business Profile (Local SEO) Report - Metricool


Looker Studio local SEO report with Google Business profile and Google Analytics

Full local SEO report (GBP+GA4) Free Connector


template looker studio one page google business profile

Google Business Profile One Page Report Free Connector


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Possible doubts about Google Business Profile reports

1.- Why use Looker Studio for local SEO?

Implementing an efficient SEO strategy also involves optimizing time management, allowing us to focus on other areas of the project. Reporting and data analysis can take up a considerable amount of time, especially when working with clients. Say goodbye to the need to use PowerPoint or create endless tables in Excel, as well as producing lengthy reports that are rarely read (what's the point). Looker Studio offers a much more effective way of presenting information that is understandable to virtually anyone. In addition, if you require written content, you can also incorporate it. This allows you to analyze data and draw conclusions more quickly and concisely, reducing the time spent on tools like Google Business Profile or Google Analytics 4. Local SEO reports in Looker Studio are highly recommended, although their creation can be a time-consuming process, unless you opt for one of the templates available on this great website.


2.- What do these templates give you? What will you be able to measure and analyze?

These templates or reports have been designed with the intention of simplifying your daily routine, both in the elaboration of reports (either for your own use or for your clients) and in the analysis of your Local SEO strategies. Saving time becomes the primary objective, allowing you to reduce the time spent both in the analysis and in the creation of reports, and even in the creation of templates. But we cannot overlook the most crucial thing: a thorough analysis of the fundamental KPIs of your local business, those that provide you with the necessary information to evaluate if you are moving towards your goals and if the project is progressing positively.

3.- Do I need previous knowledge in Looker Studio/Looker Studio?

Of course you don't! When you purchase any of these local SEO templates, I provide detailed instructions on how to link to your own data sources, no matter what they are, and how to adjust the report to your most basic preferences, such as colors and logo. And if you want to make additional customizations, you can do that too! Keep in mind that each report, once you have purchased it, is uniquely yours, and you are free to modify it according to your needs.

4.- Why pay for a Looker Studio template?

On the internet you will find a lot of Local SEO templates with Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) available for free, and some of them are good. So who are we to suggest you to buy a template? We don't really intend to impose anything. However, it's worth noting that the time and effort invested in creating these templates doesn't compare to what the free versions offer (we've experienced it on our skin). We work with these types of resources on a daily basis, collaborating both with clients and on our internal projects, and we understand what is required for a report to be truly effective.

Our templates are designed so that you can adapt and customize them in a matter of minutes, in a simple and uncomplicated way. Plus, if you purchase a template and later upgrade, you'll have access to these enhancements in your client area. And let's not underestimate the importance of support; we're here to help if you need assistance or have any questions.

5.- Once I buy the insoles, will I be able to enjoy them forever?

That's right, forever. Once you purchase our templates, they are completely yours and you are free to use them as you see fit, without any additional payments, not even when we implement future updates to the template.